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Japan appeared in March this year, the first transgender lawmakers, Saitama Prefecture into the city's 25-year-old city councilman Xidian also, his business card says "born for women." He hopes to take his own election, and to participate in the movement of vulnerable ethnic groups to improve the Japanese society's awareness of "small minority".

He said in a recent interview with the local media that transgender people in Japan must be diagnosed with mental disorders in order to legally carry out transsexual surgery, as for the general "water" may be difficult to rent, access to health care services and find a job, Because Japan is temporarily not allowed to "sex" to change the gender on the proof of residence.

He admits that he is not lucky enough to be "lucky" after surgery after 2014, but who are not willing to take the risk of surgery for health reasons, still can not live their own choice.

He will be able to build a platform to support diversity in the future, not only to enable the community to accept "sex", but also to accommodate the elderly, children and the disabled.