"Some parents just do not listen to persuade, his mother is directly to him scolded, and children have been cut off the relationship!" The victim's family complained. In recent months, the mainland micro-credit group has been circulating an organization, falsely claimed that the country has a large number of foreign assets in foreign countries have been frozen, as long as members can raise money to collect money, "to the bird's nest to open the highest thawing committee organized the national great cause of the international market start" Pay 10 dollars, the production of badges and conference organization fees, issued 50,000 yuan per person. The results of April 25, tens of thousands of middle-aged people from all over China, gathered near the nest, there is a seventy Zhang Zhang Bo Bo still do not believe is scam, scolded spy damage, resulting in the General Assembly did not open, he did not get 5 million charity gold.

The group's message is extremely lure and tactful, indicating that "no matter what vehicle you take, the state will be reimbursed", the participants to Beijing, can be reimbursed tolls, and arranged for one night accommodation, the next paragraph is "charitable headquarters ". Many of the victims of the children how to persuade, but still did not stop some of the elderly to the pace of the nest.

However, the original case of this case, presided over the "Bird's Nest Assembly" Chen Yuying, is also experienced veterans, a year contact with 40 self-proclaimed can thaw the "overseas national assets" of the institutions or individuals, they also sent to counterfeit Chen Yuying State documents, that "thaw the national assets" is legal, but also refers to 60% of the funds thawed after the turn over to the country, the remaining 40% by the fund holders and members of the share.

Chen Yuying convinced, and she is very organized, from the beginning of 2012 so far, the team managed a total of more than 2,000 micro-groups, members of 56.8 million, each 10 micro-groups were also equipped with an inspector, each micro-credit With a group leader, 2 recorders and a "flag-raising", which stipulates that hundreds of thousands of members regularly sing the national anthem or flag every morning.

The public security organs have frozen 98 accounts involving a total of more than 810 million, stolen goods still in progress.

The Ministry of Public Security set up a special task force to crack down on such fraudulent activities to remind the masses to enhance the anti-cheating consciousness; through the introduction of pyramid schemes to promote brainwashing, wantonly forged state organs documents, misleading the relevant national policies, so that the victims into their trap , And the so-called projects and charity convinced.