41-year-old male surnamed Zhang drug addiction attack, actually the car parked on the roadside to syringes injected heroin, ignorant under the car to return home, in the Lingya District Triumph two red lights, directly in the driveway asleep, Triggering the rear of a large traffic jam, the police were reported to the scene and found Zhang Xu hand still stuck in the hand, on the spot him according to drugs, public risk crime transferred to the law.

Police received a report phone, refers to the triumphant part of the silver self-small bus directly occupied the central lane, the driver fell asleep in the car called also called, the rear vehicle "stuffed burst".

Police officers to the scene before the inventory, found the driver left hand still stuck in the syringe, immediately beat the window just to wake him, Zhang men do not know their drive to sleep, wake up to see the police Was shocked.

The police inquired Zhang male identity and found that he has a number of drugs, theft of criminal record, and in the car to find a bag of bags of white bags of pills, Zhang also argued that he has diabetes, white pill is a pill, Is used to hit the use of insulin, but also pretend to be willing to cooperate with the police investigation.

Did not expect the police to detect the rapid detection of toxic substances and found that the material within the syringes heroin / morphine positive reaction, and white pills confirmed is ecstasy, Zhang men hundred Mo Mo, only admits drug abuse, because "poison" dangerous is also quite large, police news After he was in accordance with public risk, drug crime transferred to Kaohsiung to seized the prosecution.